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ModulR TS Inc. was founded in 1998 to answer three major concerns that would eventually come to plague the North American roofing market. These three concerns were: The quality of roofing materials, a wave of labour shortages and liability.

Cocagne, New Brunswick Plant
Cocagne, New Brunswick Plant 
Paris, Ontario Plant
Paris, Ontario Plant

Because of stone wool’s non-combustibility, its dimensional stability, its water repellent and sound absorbent qualities, ModulR has always believed in the unsurpassed quality of stone wool for roofing applications as both an insulation and excellent substrate for the membrane. ModulR invested years and millions of dollars in research and development, third party testing and certifications to bring new and innovative roofing solutions that would help address these three concerns facing the roofing industry.

By factory laminating ROCKWOOL® Stone Wool onto Poly ISO with our high quality standards and third party audits, ModulR not only makes available a premium substrate which will outlast the waterproofing membrane but has made great strides in developing products that increase productivity which makes for less “open time” and the need for fewer hands on deck when constructing the roof assembly. Contractors with fewer crews can still meet their deadlines and those with larger crews can dispatch them simultaneously on multiple projects.

Since 1998, we’ve been successfully designing tapered layouts and serving the tapered needs with tapered ROCKWOOL® Stone Wool, and tapered Composite System. In 2010 we expanded our tapered services and products to include tapered ISO and laminated tapered ISO.

Pioneers in value-added Roxul Stone Wool, ModulR also offers ROCKWOOL® Stone Wool tapered backslope, pre-cut crickets, pre-cut sumps, cant and metal roof and metal deck flute filler.

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